My name is Pief (for Pierre-François), I come from Alpes de Haute-Provence county in France, I have been passionate about photography for years and I try to capture the scenes that arise in front of my lens.
My first experience in photography dates back to my college years where I discovered black and white film shooting and its development process.
Abandoned for years, I rediscovered photography in 2012 by purchasing my first reflex camera

This hobby rediscovered, it quickly became a passion ...

I have a particular interest for concert photography and the music environment in general.
I like to take my time and follow a group to understand its universe and its stage performance to try to capture it and transcribe it as well as possible.
I'm not used to being directive when shooting and I prefer to capture what appears naturally in front of my lens.

"Ce n'est pas le photographe qui fait la photo, mais la personne photographiée"

Sebastião Salgado